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Sinéad is an Irish Polarity Therapist and writer. She has written and been published widely on the subject of whole-person healing. She enjoys exploring spiritual traditions from around the world and has a growing interest in Shamanism. Dance is another of Sinéad’s great passions, and she has an MA in Ethnochoreology at the University of Limerick.

"Poetry is one of my great loves. For me, it is a window into the mysteries of life. Poems have the power to take me so deep and high at the same time. They seem to travel seamlessly through the ether right into the earth and out again, embracing every part of human life. Reading and writing poetry helps me to simultaneously ground and transcend, honouring the mundane, the paradoxical, and all the unanswered questions we live with and through."
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"It is with great delight and some amazement that I present these little pieces from my heart. This book is my way of honouring my journey so far. It is a celebration, and a ceremonial blessing and farewell to some events in my life.

Most of these poems were written over the past 7 months. This year also marks the end of a 7 year cycle for me; a time of great awakening, transformation, chaos, growth and growing pains, with lots of incredibly illumined and colourful days and moments.

I have done my best to stay faithful to the integrity of each poem as it came to me. As the writing evolved I found myself in the middle of a deep and transformative process, and at times a tough one. It called me to face the raw edges of my life and stay, looking my experience right in the eye.  Continuing with the writing, then, became a kind of act of devotion to myself: to go deeply within, to listen when it was hard to listen, to walk with myself and just stay with it. It’s been a healing time. In finding myself at the bottom of my own well, I also found a simple humanity, my connection to myself and to all other human beings.

I offer you these poems and I hope you feel a sense of connection to me while you read. May you enjoy, be inspired, and maybe even see yourself reflected in a few words here and there.

Sinéad McAteer

May 2011"





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